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  • TouchTool Pro
  • TouchTool Pro
  • TouchTool Pro
  • TouchTool Pro
  • TouchTool Pro
  • TouchTool Pro

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Reduce Exposure to Germs

TouchTool Pro is designed to keep your hands from touching common public surfaces to reduce the transmission of germs. Let the tool open doors, push buttons and do the dirty work for you. TouchTool Pro includes a silicone stylus tip for use on touchscreen devices!


  • Reduce the spread of germs
  • Touch-free door opener
  • Touch-free button pusher
  • Stylus tip for use on touchscreens
  • Works on both resistive & capacitive screens
  • Made of highest quality Brass (260)
  • Brass is durable & makes an inhospitable host for bacteria
  • Slim & compact design for keychain
  • Includes instruction card >
  • Designed in Canada / Made in China
  • Patent-Pending

TouchTool Pro: 4" x 1.25" x 0.14" / 1.4 oz

Safety Advisory: Wipe down TouchTool Pro after contact with public surfaces to reduce the chance of cross-contamination.

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