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EcoSpot Pro

EcoSpot Pro

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Eco-Friendly Bluetooth Tracker with Cork Keychain

A tech product with an eco side! This version of the Spot Bluetooth tracker uses 48% less plastic than the original.  It’s made from a blend of post consumer recycled ABS and biodegradable materials that include wheat straw. This version includes a cork keychain with a metal carabiner. Once the EcoSpot Pro is attached to an important item, like keys, it can be paired to the supporting app on a phone to help you find it.


  • Made from 48% less plastic than the original Spot
  • Materials include recycled ABS plastic and wheat straw
  • Includes a cork keychain with a round metal carabiner
  • Bluetooth®4.0 with a range of 120ft range
  • Two-way finding helps locate your Spot and/or phone
  • Ring to Find sounds an alert from your Spot.
  • Location History will map the last location your Spot was together with your phone.
  • Mark as Lost if a Spot is lost & shows disconnected. The network of Spot users can help find it.
  • Proximity Meter is an indicator of the connected signal strength shown by yellow rings.
  • Out of Range Alerts will sound an alert from your phone when Spot get’s too far apart.
  • Replaceable battery
  • Free app for iOS and Android devices

      *This product does not use GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking technologies.

      Includes: 1 x EcoSpot Pro, 1 x cork strap, 1 x round metal carabiner, 1 x CR2032 battery, iOS & Android Spot 2.0 Apps

       3.47” x 1.65” x 0.42”
      • 1 year warranty
      • Download the free Spot 2.0 Bluetooth Finder app from the App Store or Google Play
      • Need support? Email


      Android: Minimum requirement 5.0*
      IOS: Minimum requirement IOS 13*

      *For optimal use of all features it is recommended to have the latest operating system.

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