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ClearPad Eco

ClearPad Eco

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Reusable Memo Pad with Maple Wood Base

The ClearPad Eco is a fun desktop product to doodle, take notes or display an inspirational quote.  Use the supplied white, chalk marker to write on the clear acrylic pad and then it can easily be wiped clean with a tissue or cloth.  Endlessly reusable!  The base is made of high quality Canadian Maple.


  • High Quality Canadian Maple Base
  • Maple is an abundant resource, sourced locally
  • A portion of the product is biodegradable
  • Take notes & make lists
  • Display an inspirational quote
  • Endlessly reusable
  • Sleek desktop item
  • Includes white chalk marker
  • Easily wipes clean
  • Padded feet protect the desk or table top surface
  • Individually packaged in gift boxes

Includes: 1 x Pad, 1 x Base, 1 x Chalk marker

Pad: 6.29′′ x 3.93′′ x 0.15′′ / 2.25 oz
Base: 3.93′′ x 3.93′′ x 0.59′′ / 3.50 oz
Marker: 3.95″ x 0.38″ x 0.38″/ 0.10 oz

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