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This variant is currently sold out

This product is no longer available.

Loop has been discontinued.

Interested in a similar product? Check out other options here: https://storecdn.powerstick.com/collections/cables-management


Need info on Loop?

Loop is a micro USB to USB cable that magnetically loops around your keychain for convenient portability. With the Loop on your keychain, you will be able to keep your devices charged at all times. 
Connect your devices to a portable charger, a wall adapter, or your computer/laptop.

The color options for this flexible cable make the Loop a fun & practical addition to your tech gear. The Loop is Android compatible and can be made iPhone compatible with the addition of an optional Apple Lightning Adapter. 

Includes: Loop charging cable, optional MFI Certified Apple Lightning Adapter

• 10" x 0.51" x 0.18" / 0.35 oz

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