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This product is currently sold out.

This product is no longer available.

GripDock has been discontinued.

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Never worry about disorganized cables again with the GripDock. The set includes a compact cable manager and an adhesive dock. 

The cable manager works with charging cables, headphones and other cords to keep them neat and easily accessible. Wrap your cables around the silicone notches and keep it in any bag or purse so that you always have a charging cable on hand.

The adhesive dock can be mounted anywhere you need quick and easy access to your cables. Insert your cable into the cable manager, then insert the cable manager into the dock. It will fit in securely and keep your cables organized and accessible.

Includes: GripDock cable manager/dock

• 1.15″ x 1.15″ x 0.64″ / 0.92 oz 

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