Combo Pack #6

$22.00 was $25.00

  • Combo Pack #6
  • Combo Pack #6
  • Combo Pack #6
  • Combo Pack #6

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Keep your charging cable organized and secure with this ultimate cable accessory pack. 

Comes with a micro USB to USB cable with an optional Apple adapter for iPhone users. 

HawkEye is a small adapter that attaches to your cable to keep an eye on it and anything that is connected to it. On the road with your tech and their cables? At your local coffee shop and stepping away for a second? Simply attach the HawkEye to the USB end of your charging cable and press the power button to activate the HawkEye alarm.

When your cable is not in use, use the Grip cable manager to keep it neat and tidy.

Set includes: 
• 1 x Grip cable manager

• 1 x HawkEye cable security alarm
• 1 x Black zipper travel case
• Optional: 1 x MFI Certified Apple Lightning Adapter

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