Combo Pack #4

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  • Combo Pack #4
  • Combo Pack #4
  • Combo Pack #4
  • Combo Pack #4

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The PowerJump is a CES award winning phone charger. The 2,300 mAh battery will provide most phones with a full charge whenever and where ever it's needed. Keep the PowerJump with you and always be prepared to charge a dead phone. Charge while on your commute, in the airport, the car or even while your phone is stowed in your purse. Compatible with Android, iPhone and most major phone models.

The PowerJump is easily recharged by plugging into a USB port, or USB wall adapter. 4 LED lights on the side of the charger indicate the battery level.

Set includes:
• 1 x Black PowerJump phone charger
• 2 x Micro USB charging cables
• 2 x Black zipper travel cases

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