Combo Pack #1

$25.00 was $28.00

  • Combo kit: click, keystand, link
  • click and keystand in use with iphone
  • keystand with htc phone
  • The LINK connecting a charger to a phone

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    • Combo Pack 1: Social Media Buff

      This package is perfect for the person who is always connected, posting, pinning, tweeting, snapping....  This Hady keychain makes a great stocking stuffer or Secret Santa gift.  

      1 x Click remote control for your phone's camera
      1 x KeyStand
       1 x Link
      OPTIONAL: Apple Lightning charging tip (MFI Certified)


      An Apple lightning tip (MFI certified) is optional but highly recommended if you are an Apple iPhone user.  It fits overtop the supplied charging cable so it can also be used for an iPhone.

      The CLICK: is the next generation of the selfie stick.  No silly pole!  Simply prop up your phone to position the shot and don't worry about reaching for the camera shutter button.  Just press the remote control CLICK to snap a photo.  Start and stop video recording.

      The KEYSTAND: allows you to prop up your phone on a comfortable angle for watching and browsing your phone handsfree! Fits most phones and even phone cases.

      The LINK: is a handy Micro USB cable that fits on a keyring so it is always with you. Ready to connect to a computer, charger or wall adapter at anytime.  


    • Product The Click
      Dimensions 1.27 x 1.27 x 0.344 in
      Compatibility iOS 6.0 or later & Android 4.2.2 OS or later
      Communication Bluetooth 3.0
      Distance For use up to 30ft from your phone/tablet
      Battery Life Approx 6 months if clicked 10 times a day, replaceable cell #CR2032
      Camera For use with phone’s built-in camera app or download app “Camera 360”

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