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PowerTrek is the ultimate charger for any smartphone. It Includes a 9,000 mAh battery and built-in charging cables so you are never left searching for the right cable.

To charge your phone (or other USB powered device), simply slide out one of the embedded micro usb cables and, if necessary, use one of the two included charging tips (Apple Lightning or Type C). Connect your phone to PowerTrek and press the power button. Power instantly starts to transfer.  LCD lights on the side of PowerTrek indicate the battery level.  Charge up to 4 devices simultaneously by using the 2 embedded cables, the USB port and the Type C port.

When the PowerTrek needs to be recharged, use one of 2 methods to recharge: Type C cable to USB port or use the fold out AC wall plug.

PowerTrek is perfect for use while traveling, at events or for anyone who needs a little extra battery power through out the day.

Includes: PowerTrek portable charger, EVA travel case, Type C Adapter, MFI Certified Apple Lightning Adapter

• PowerTrek: 4.35” x 3.05” x 1.04” / 7.75 oz
• Lifetime warranty
 See full specs chart | Watch the PowerTrek video

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